Welcome to Straight Talking HR

This is a one person business, my business.

It ensures that you will have access to the highest individual service possible as I will work with you to help your business as if it is my own


  1. Natalie CUTLER

    Welcome to Straight Talking HR.
    I offer advice, support and training related to HR and employment. Have a look around and if you want to get in touch then use the contact form at the top of the page. I look forward to making contact!

  2. Jo Cook

    Thank you Natalie for your informative vlog about disability and being so reactive when I asked you a question. Although for some reason I can’t comment on YouTube I thought I would leave my appreciation here. Thank you for your pragmatic and human views, I wish that was typical of all HR professionals !
    It’s nice to know you are there with knowledge and advice.
    Good luck with your venture

  3. Natalie CUTLER

    Hi Jo, thanks for this comment!! I’m hoping to do more discrimination stuff in May xx

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